WordsMatter Resume Writers

Working with Me

My approach to resume development is simple, story-like, and effective. It begins with a phone call, where we discuss your background, goals, and define a development strategy. With that definition, I compile a detailed listing of in-depth questions that drill into your career, going beyond superficial day-to-day tasks, telling your story, and defining your real value to prospective employers.

When working with me you won’t have to worry about explaining industry- or discipline-specific terms and concepts. I know that Aspen is a software application and not a tree that grows in Colorado. I understand technical language and pride myself on keeping my knowledge of industry trends current.


Designing Effective, Hard-hitting Resumes

My design style involves two key areas. First, is a format that is eye-catching and entirely appropriate for your industry and professional level, with selected highlights that on first read, identifies you as a candidate of choice.

Secondly, I generate memorable content that resonates with hiring managers; but is also understood by readers at all levels. It is concise and on point, balancing your technical knowledge with demonstrations of your skills in innovative development or solving business-critical issues.

What are the Time Frames?

I try to match my clients’ schedules as much as possible. To produce top-notch documents and ensure that I am articulating your career properly, I do require some time. If you are looking for quick turnaround, I may not be the writer for you. Normally, you will receive a first draft within four (4) business days after initial contact and subsequent drafts within three (3) business days.

Ready to start?