Terms & Conditions

Resumes or other document services from WordsMatter Resume Writers (WMRW) requires your (CLIENT) active involvement throughout the engagement. The process is primarily executed through written revisions; however, telephone conversations are available upon request.

WMRW agrees to make changes to documents and correct errors or misinterpretation submitted in writing. The CLIENT is solely responsible for proofing and acceptance of documents. WMRW agrees to make additional changes within thirty (30) days from CLIENT acceptance of final drafts, provided such changes are within the original scope of work agreed to by both parties at the outset of the engagement. Changes or modifications of documents outside the original work scope will be subject to additional charges to the CLIENT.

CLIENT agrees return draft documents for revision to WMRW within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the draft(s). If contact is not made within fourteen (14) days the last draft(s) automatically become finalized. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to notify WMRW of any reason or inability to comply with the aforementioned fourteen (14) day period.

Refunds are available if made by CLIENT in writing prior to the delivery of the first document draft. Partial refunds are at the sole discretion of WMRW and on a case-by-case basis.

No guarantees are made regarding the ability of the documents to result in interviews or job offers due to WMRW’s inability to determine how documents will be or were actually used.