WordsMatter Resume Writers

Recent Graduates with Less Than 3 Years Experience

At the outset of your career,  it is critical your resume showcases your education and abilities rather than the depth of your experience.

The focus should be centered on generating powerful transitional documents, revealing your abilities to absorb new concepts quickly and leverage those ideas into meaningful contributions in team or individual efforts in tackling new and challenging responsibilities.

Mid-Level Professionals

As an aspiring professional or manager seeking new career challenges or advancement opportunities, you need a resume that demonstrates your command of solving complex business issues in a straightforward, pragmatic, cost-effective manner.

Your resume should highlight your technical and administrative acumen, while demonstrating you are a take-charge leader with the talent and skills to execute demanding projects in today’s competitive environment.

Senior-Level Managers and Executives

As a confident, assertive,visionary senior manager or executive, you need to show your leadership style, while constantly raising the bar and achieving or exceeding expected results.

Your resume must show your capabilities in setting aggressive goals and development  high-energy teams that align efforts with the corporate mission, in driving innovation, expanding markets, and optimizing ROI on physical and human capital resources.

Projects are priced on an individual basis depending on the scope of the assignment. Mid-level engagements typically range from $299 to $449 and normally include Presentation, ATS, and ASCII resume formats, along with a cover letter.

In our initial conversation, we will go over your current documents and search goals to define a scope of work and agree upon price. You will be billed via electronic invoice and work will commence upon notification of payment.