WordsMatter Resume Writers

Hello, I’m David Zacharias, CPRW. As a former HR director and recruiting manager for over 15 years; I worked hand-in-hand with hiring authorities across all disciplines, in directing large-scale engineering, construction, and IT talent acquisition projects hiring thousands of talented professionals.

During this period, I was fortunate to work with some of the brightest people on the planet. They taught me to think like a hiring manager in determining not only what skills matched critical positions; but how to select candidates showing demonstrated success within their careers.

About seven years ago, I formed a small HR consulting business and while getting started, I began writing resumes on a contract basis. Shortly after, I was in demand  from referrals, for my abilities to write high-quality technical resumes that clearly demonstrated my clients value to potential employers.

I started WordsMatter to address, what I have come to see as an under-served market within the resume writing services industry. My experiences of the last few years have shown there are a number of bright individuals simply are not getting the  help they need to allow them to reach their career potential. I can help with that.

Industries and Disciplines

Automotive, Aerospace, & Defense Manufacturing Power Generation
Hydrocarbon & Chemical Process Plants Commercial & Industrial Construction
Civil Infrastructure Metallurgy & Materials
Architectural & Civil Design Robotics & Packaging
Instrumentation & Advanced Process Controls Mechanical Engineering
IT – Programming, Systems, IT Management Project Management & Project Controls